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Who is Rocky?

Rocky is Dr. Verne N. Rockcastle, emeritus professor of Science & Environmental Education at Cornell University.  A frequent workshop leader in schools across the country, he has taught public school in Rochester, New York, Science Education in the SUNY (State University of New York) at Brockport, and for more than 40 years has been a professor at Cornell University.

Rocky's major interest is the development of simple, effective ways for children to learn science, both inside and outside the classroom.  He is also committed to unraveling and correcting many common science misconceptions held by adults and children alike.

Dr. Rockcastle was the senior author of Science, published by Addison-Wesley, and is a co-author of Teaching Science with Everyday Things, published in 2002 by Kendall/Hunt.  In 1990, he received the prestigious NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) Carlton Award for National Leadership in Science Education.  In 2003, he was honored with a STANYS (Science Teachers' Association of New York State) Service Award.