These Sensible Science Ideas are designed primarily for students in grades 3-8, so that children learn through doing.  Each one is short and safe, requiring only common items and skills.
  Watch for new activities!
  A Better Bundle
Make a tighter bundle of something - turn your rope into a pulley.
  What do you exhale?  Maybe not what you think!
The blow-torch project - an interesting activity that may surprise you about the gas you exhale.
  Air Has Mass, Too!
Air is "stuff" - just like rocks, soil and water are stuff.
  Suns on the Wall
When the sun shines through small holes, it projects tiny images of the sun on the wall.
  Wheels That Go Backward
Are those cars or wagon wheels in movies really spinning backward?  Find out!
  Weigh a Car . . . . .
. . . . with just a ruler and a tire gauge.
  What Radio Waves CAN'T Get Through
Experiment to see what materials can, and can't, block signals from your favorite radio station.
  Water Waves on the Pavement
Rain on sloping pavement can produce waves - an interesting example of resonance.
  Danger!  High Voltage!
It's fun - and it's safe:  On a cold, dry day, produce high voltage at your kitchen sink!
  Magic in Store Windows
Have fun doing magic tricks in your favorite store - and it doesn't cost a thing!
  Chladni figures  . . . . .
. . . . from salt and balloons.
  Water Drop Magnifiers
Make a magnifying lens from just a drop of water.
  A Chewing Surprise
How do YOU chew?
  What Causes a Squeak?
Find out . . . .  and make it stop!
  Fresnel Lens
It's a flat magnifier.
  The Smaller the Bits, the Faster the Action
Sometimes smaller and more numerous is better!
  An "Ice Glass" of Water
Sip your water from a glass made of ice.
  What Makes Pickles?
Create your own potato pickles.
  Snow Compasses
Let the snow point you in the right direction!
  Tin Can Ferry
"Ferry" electrons on a thumbtack.
  Bulges in Weed Stems
Find out what's inside those bumps - you'll be surprised!
  Predators.... or Parasites?
What made that hole?  Was it a predator .... or was it a parasite?
  Contours: Imaginary Shorelines
Maps that you can use!
  The Meaning of Pi
Fun with circles.
  The Concept of LIMIT
From lots ...... to some ....... to none!
  A Funny Thing About a Flashlight Beam
You can't hold it in your hand, or measure it with a ruler .... but you can wonder about it!
  The Differential on Autos, Trucks & Trains
Hear those train wheels screeching on the tracks?  Why do they do that?
  Cricket Song: Voices in the Darkness
Their songs in the night mean summer is over.
  The Redundancy of Leaves
Can you find the area of leaves on a tree?  Sure, you can!
  The Formation of Frost
Learn what makes a frosty morning.
  Close the door!  You're letting the cold in!
Or are you really letting the warmth OUT?
  Global Warming ...
  Shaping the Truth
What's REALLY inside that package?